Trunki Bernard (Bee)

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Rob Law was given a university project to design a piece of children’s luggage so went to his local department store for inspiration. Disappointed by the luggage on offer to children he found himself drawn to ride-on toys in the toy department. That’s when the idea for Trunki was born. After lots of hard work, the first container of Trunkis arrived in Avonmouth, UK on 5th May 2007 and Magmatic started training. 

Two weeks later Rob took his colourful suitcases on BBC’s Dragons Den TV program. Rob, Trixie and Terrance got quite a grilling but now 6 years later Trunki is a market leader and has received 76 industry and consumer accolades.


Each and every Trunki is packed full of clever features, making it extra fun for little travellers as well as providing a practical travel solution for parents. 

  • Carry handles - Easy to grab for a departure gate dash
  • Horn grips - Take control, grab the horns to steer your Trunki
  • Secure catches - Keep favorite possessions safe inside for the ride
  • Comfortable saddle - Rest tired legs in queues and you'll never hear 'my feet hurt' again. Integrated wheels. Extra wide wheel base for superb cornering
  • Soft rubber rim - To protect little fingers when packing
  • Top quality - Made from the same lightweight durable plastic as grown up cases
  • Full to the brim - 18 litres of space to pack favorite toys and games
  • Internal pouch - Keep special treasures inside for easy access
  • Teddybear seatbelts - Keep Ted safe with his very own seatbelt!
  • ID label - To make sure your Trunki never gets lost
  • Key - Fixed to the Trunki strap so it never gets lost
  • Plus - Each Trunki comes with its own free passport and tow strap! - Which can be filled with lots of exciting downloads to keep kids busy on long journeys 

Additional Information

  • Height: 32cm*
  • Length: 46cm*
  • Width: 20cm*
  • Capacity: 18 litres
  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Materials: Polyester 100% 
  • * Approximate figures